• Date: Sat 16 September 2017
  • Kick-off: 15:00
  • Venue: Exsel Group Stadium (Coatbridge)
0 - 4


S. Agnew 11"

S. Agnew (PG) 23"

P. Woods 31"

S. Agnew (PG) 83"

Albion Rovers vs Stranraer

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Team Lineups

Albion Rovers

G. Bowman
R. Perry
A. Reid
D. Lightbody
M. McMullin
G. Holmes
S. McLaughlin
R. Davidson
G. Fisher
C. Shields
A. Trouten
J. Marr > D. Lightbody 45"
S. Higgins > M. McMullin 45"
Joao Victoria > R. Davidson 75"
C. McLeish
D. Potts
M. Hopkins
R. Watters


C. Belford
D. Barron
L. Dick
M. Neill
J. Hamill
S. Agnew11"23"83"
S. Bell
R. Wallace
R. Thomson
G. Anderson
P. Woods31"
S.Oko > G. Anderson 76"
K. Turner > P. Woods 84"
D. Stoney > S. Agnew 85"
C. McGowan
M. Currie
T. Lang
T. Wallace